Creating a Workshop at Home: Must-Have Tools and Supplies

creating a workshop at home must haves

Setting up a great home workshop is key for anyone who loves DIY or woodworking. Having a home workshop allows you to work on all your favourite projects such as renovation projects, making furniture, or fixing things up. Our guide covers all the tools and supplies you should have in your workshop.

After reading our guide, you’ll know exactly what to add to your home workshop. Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or a newcomer to the home improvement scene, this guide will help you. With the right tools, you can do anything creative and practical, all while feeling confident.

Essentials for Measuring and Marking

In woodworking, getting the measurements right is the most important. Let’s take a look at the tools you need for measuring and marking. Things like tape measures and levels help you make accurate cuts and align your pieces perfectly!

Tape Measure

A tape measure is vital for woodworkers at any level. They’re usually 3m/9ft long and provide you with accuracy when measuring. You’ll need to use it for many tasks, from measuring materials to laying out your project’s design.

For more detailed work, you might need special tools. These can be steel rulers, set squares, and marking knives. These tools make it easier to measure angles and ensure your project is precise.

If you’re tackling big, complex projects, you should consider high-tech tools. Laser measures and electronic levels can make measuring easier and faster, making them perfect for when accuracy is crucial.

Investing in good quality measuring tools is a wise decision. While you can start with basic options, better tools lead to better outcomes. Meaning they save you time and make your projects look more professional in the end.

Cutting Tools for Woodworking

A woodworking workshop needs many saws for cutting wood and materials. A hand saw is great for precise cuts, while a table saw is used to rip boards. Circular, miter, and jigsaw saws bring more ways to cut, like straight or curved. Having a good set of cutting tools ensures that your projects are precise and efficient.

Hand Saw

A hand saw is a key tool in any workspace. Its sharp blade cuts accurately, perfect for fine work or small projects. Ripping boards or making detail cuts, a quality hand saw is essential.

Table Saw

The table saw is an important tool for woodcutting, offering precise cuts in various ways. It’s great for ripping boards or crosscuts, and comes with a big table for support. Different types of table saws ensure there’s one for every work space and need.

Circular Saw

Circular saws are portable and can be used for many woodworking jobs. Their blades cut for different tasks like ripping or crosscutting. Choose between drive types to match how you work and what you need.

Miter Saw

The miter saw cuts precise angles, known as miters. It can make standard and compound cuts, offering great flexibility. This saw is for perfect joints and corners in your woodworking projects.


The jigsaw excels at curves, straight, and plunge cuts. It’s the most versatile for woodworking shapes. Different blade styles work with various materials. A jigsaw is an essential tool for any wood workshop.

Drilling and Driving Tools

No workshop is fully stocked without a good drill and driver. These tools are key for tasks like making holes and driving screws. They also allow you to use different tools for various jobs.

Choosing the right tool is crucial. It should be either corded or cordless, with adjustable speed and torque. This way, you can handle different tasks with ease. An ideal drill and driver combo works great for building furniture, setting up hardware, and more.

Drill and Driver Combo

When selecting a drill and driver combo, there are several important aspects to look at. Here’s what to think about:

  • Corded or cordless design: Corded drills are powerful, with fast speeds, while cordless drills are more portable, running on batteries.
  • Variable speed and torque settings: A good model lets you change the speed and power for each job.
  • Drill bit compatibility: Make sure it can take different types of drill bits. This includes wood, masonry, and metal bits.
  • Ergonomic design: Pick a drill that’s easy to hold and not too heavy. This reduces hand strain during long periods of use.

A great drill and driver set gives you the ability to work on many different projects. This includes making furniture, adding hardware, and woodworking. With these tools, you’re set for a wide range of DIY work.

wood working tools for your workshop

Shaping and Finishing Tools

You can bring your woodworking skills up a notch with the right tools for shaping and finishing. Chisels, planes, sanders, and lathes make up a key toolkit for any serious woodworker. They let you hone your work to the next level.


Woodworkers rely on chisels for precise cuts and shaping. They’re great for crafting fine details or perfecting joinery. These tools are essential for anyone wanting to get creative with wood.

Hand Planes

If you need to smooth out wood, hand planes are a great choice. They come in many types and sizes. You can use them to level rough boards or give your project a flawless surface.


From sheet to random orbit, sanders are key for a smooth finish. They take your wood from rough to ready for finishing. With the right touch, you’ll create surfaces that are just right.


A lathe is essential for those into wood turning. It allows you to make a variety of turned projects. From bowls to chair legs, it’s a tool that brings your ideas to life.

Owning the best shaping and finishing tools opens the door to amazing projects. Invest in quality tools, and your woodworking creativity will know no bounds.

Essential Hammers and Mallets

No home workshop is complete without a reliable hammer and mallet. These tools are perfect for many tasks in carpentry and construction.


A claw hammer is a must-have in any workshop. It’s perfect for putting in nails, pulling them out, and even small destruction work. But a hammer is not just any tool. The balance and weight make all the difference. With the right one, your projects will be completed easier and faster.


The mallet is best to use for softer tasks, like tapping wood pieces together. It won’t hurt the wood. Whether you go for a classic wood mallet or a rubber one, its soft head is gentle on wood. This makes a mallet a crucial tool for careful work that demands precision.

If you have both a hammer and a mallet in your toolbox, your workshop is all set. With these, you’re ready to handle a variety of tasks!

Gripping and Holding Tools

For many DIY projects, ensuring a secure grip is important. At our workshop, pliers and clamps are our go-to tools. These tools allow us to work efficiently and safely, whether it’s on wires or big woodworking tasks.


Pliers are super handy for many different tasks. They allow us to grab, twist, and work with all kinds of small items and wires. We have pliers for every job, from delicate needle-nose to sturdy locking pliers. These gripping tools are super important for small jobs or tight spots.


For holding stuff, we rely on clamps. There are many kinds, like C-clamps and bar clamps, made to hold wood, metal, or other items. Clamps are key when we’re gluing, putting things together, or cutting. They keep everything steady, helping us get things done right.

Our workshop is stocked with an amazing variety of pliers and clamps. With these gripping and holding tools, we’re ready for any DIY project.

must have tools and supplies for your workshop

Renovation Supplies

Having the right supplies for a home reno project is key. At Reno Liquidators, we are fully stocked with the best for all home needs. From small repairs to big makeovers, we have you covered.

Our renovation store is packed with needed items like wood glue, caulk, and more. These things help in jobs like fixing squeaky floors or putting up new walls.

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Whether you are new to DIY or an expert, we’ve got what you need. Stock up on essentials with us and guarantee that your project will go smoothly.

Workshop Accessories

A well-equipped workshop needs more than just basic tools. It should have key accessories to help with your projects. These accessories also help keep your workspace neat. Items like wood glue, mineral spirits, and sawhorses are essential for better woodworking.

Wood Glue

Wood glue is important for joining wood pieces together tightly. It’s great for ensuring your furniture, cabinets, or other big projects last longer. Choose wood glues that resist water, as these are perfect for projects outside.

Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits do many things in a workshop. They clean and prepare surfaces before finishing. They also help clean up wood glue and spills. This keeps your workspace and tools in good shape.


Sawhorses give you a solid place to cut, assemble, and work on big items. They’re easy to adjust to your height and space. Good sawhorses have adjustable height and no-slip features. This ensures your work area is safe and solid.

These accessories make working in your shop easier and safer. They’re key for being more precise. With these tools, your projects will go smoother and your workshop will be tidy and ready for anything.

Sanding Supplies

Getting a smooth, pro finish on wood projects is key. The right sanding tools make a big difference. Central to this are the sandpaper types, each for different sanding steps.


In the sanding world, sandpaper is king. You need a range of grits, from rough to fine, for all your project needs. Let’s look at what each grit does:

  • Coarse Grit (40-60): Ideal for removing old paint, varnish, or shaping wood.
  • Medium Grit (80-120): Perfect for general sanding and smoothing rough surfaces.
  • Fine Grit (150-180): Suitable for final sanding before applying paint or varnish.
  • Extra Fine Grit (220-400): Best for sanding between coats of paint or finish.

Picking the right sandpaper for each project stage leads to a pro finish. No matter if you’re sanding by hand or using a tool, having the right sandpaper is a must.

must have tools for your home workshop

To make sanding better, consider extra sanding supplies like sanding blocks. They help spread pressure and are comfy to hold, keeping your hands fresh during long projects. Adding a dust collection system keeps your workspace tidy and you breathing easy.

Good sanding means starting rough and moving to fine grits. Always sand with the wood grain. This avoids marks and gets you a top-notch finish.

Power Tool Safety Gear

When we work with power tools, safety comes first. It’s important to have the right safety gear to keep yourself protected. This includes hearing protection to block out loud sounds.

Hearing Protection

Loud noises can hurt our ears over time. It’s important to wear ear protection to avoid this. Choose earplugs or earmuffs that reduce noise well. This ensures our ears are well guarded.

Dust Mask

Working in a dusty or chemical-filled environment needs a good mask. A dust mask or respirator keeps harmful particles away and protects us from breathing in wood or metal dust.

Using the right safety gear ensures our safety and gives us the confidence to work hard with our tools!

Multipurpose Workshop Tools

In a good workshop, having versatile tools is key. They can do many tasks, like tightening screws and cutting. This makes them great for sudden problems and quick fixes.

A must-have is the utility knife. It has a blade that you can pull in and out. With it, you can cut cardboard, trim things, and scrape lightly. It’s small, easy to carry, and perfect for fast cutting jobs.

Don’t forget about the adjustable wrench. It can work with different sizes of nuts and bolts, making it perfect for quick adjustments on various projects. They come in many sizes to suit different needs.

Multitools are also very useful. They are like a toolbox in one tool, with knives, pliers, and screwdrivers. They are great for many different tasks, making work easier without needing several tools.

Having multipurpose tools ensures you are ready for anything in your workshop. They save time and trouble by combining many functions in one, making them a great addition to any workspace.

Specialized tools are important, but so are versatile ones. They offer a wide range of solutions in a single tool. With a mix of both, your workspace becomes more efficient and flexible.


Setting up your home workshop the right way is key to successful projects. You need the proper workshop setupDIY tools, and building supplies. This makes your DIY area better, safer, and more productive. With the essential hand tools, power equipment, and measuring devices from our guide, you’re set.

Having the correct tools is crucial. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been DIYing for years or if you’re just starting. Get tools that are top-notch and can do many different jobs. Also, keep safety first. This will help you do great work and turn your home ideas into real projects.

By using the above, you can make your home workshop the best. Enjoy creating things by hand and let your original ideas shine. Make your place the best for getting things done and showing who you are.

When you need building supplies and renovation supplies, shop with Reno Liquidators! We have a huge selection of products to help you make your project ideas a reality. Have questions? Get in touch with us today! We’re here to help whenever you need us.